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Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare I'm going to echo a common refrain on this book. The first half was really wonderful - Lucy and Jeremy were both well drawn and fun characters and I believed in their romance. I enjoyed the supporting characters, especially Toby's fiance and Lucy's absent minded brother Henry. It was a fun little comedy of manners... right up until the point when the hero and heroine get married.

The minute the wedding ceremony goes off they seem to get personality transplants. Jeremy, who has shown no signs of being the typical controlling regency hero, suddenly begins ordering Lucy about and controlling her movements. Lucy, who has been pretty free with telling Jeremy all of her thoughts, suddenly starts hiding things from him and behaving as the typical regency heroine. I was so disappointed that I skimmed to the end. I can't bear novels where the problems would be solved if only the main characters actually spoke to one another!

I think the book should have ended with the wedding. I think the first half could have been expanded to make an excellent book, and I wouldn't have these complaints. As it stands, I can't really recommend this one. However, I think the author shows a lot of promise, and I will definitely be reading some of her other novels. My rating: first half 4 and a half stars, second half one star.