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Over Sea, Under Stone (Dark Is Rising Sequence)

Over Sea, Under Stone (The Dark is Rising, #1) - Susan Cooper This series was recommended as similar to the Narnia books. But you know what? I love this book and don't care for CS Lewis. The book tells the story of some bored children on holiday who find a secret map. Could it lead to King Arthur's grail?

This book falls on the younger side and it's a quick read. The language is rich but not overly complicated, and I enjoyed the characters (especially Uncle Merry!) If I have one complaint it's that the book telegraphs too quickly which characters are the bad guys - I wasn't a bit surprised when they turned out that way. In general the good/evil divide is a bit too sharp, and motivations for the evildoers is a bit vague (and they are a bit too evil, with no shades.) Of course, this is a young book, so I can forgive this tendency. I hope it gets a bit more fleshed out in the later books.

Highly recommended for fans of children's fantasy. It's a bit slow to start, and the book feels like a prequel, but it's a good start to a series!