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The Duke and I (Bridgerton Series, Book 1)

The Duke and I - Julia Quinn I'm really glad I didn't start with this Julia Quinn novel, because I can pretty much guarantee that I would never have read another. It starts out well enough. Simon is a bit of a cliche (brooding with daddy issues) but Daphne seems charming enough. But then they have to get married and well...
I was really upset with Daphne's treatment of Simon. Simon tells her he will not have children, which of course turns her into some sort of baby obsessed monster. There is a scene involving some really questionable consent. I was so not ok with this. Was it supposed to be cute? Romantic? A way to bring the couple together and solve everything with babies (bingo!) It was gross. Simon deserved better, and he certainly didn't need to apologize to her. Ruined the whole book for me.
I cannot recommend this one. The later Bridgerton novels are cute and fun, but this one left me with a bad taste in my mouth.