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Bad Science

Bad Science - Ben Goldacre

Let me state that I absolutely agree with Ben Goldacre's premise. We are far too willing to believe nonsense coached in scientific language. I remember the first time I read what homeopathy actually was - I was shocked because I had imagined it was much less crazy than the reality. He touches on many similar topics, including the mmr vaccine scare and the detox industry. He includes a great deal of information on the components of a real scientific study, and discusses the placebo effect in much greater detail than I usually see.

I'm rating this book three stars because, though not a lengthy book, it was very repetitive. I understand that the goal is to give the tools to evaluate claims on your own, but I needed less repetition. I've read quite a bit on the subject, and there wasn't much new. I did enjoy the uk centric perspective, but it didn't hold my interest. A good beginning book on the subject.