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First Grave on the Right

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones I picked up this book because all the reviews said it was similar to the Stephanie Plum novels. And it is, with one major difference - Janet Evanovich manages to make her books funny. First Grave on the Right is just trying entirely too hard to wisecrack. In a good comic novel the author knows when to tone down the humor - without those contrasting moments of quite the humor begins to grate. There were plenty of times when I was like "lay off with the puns, Charlie - things are getting real!"

I also had a major problem with the love interest. Oh, book... I was really, really hoping that you weren't seriously going to try to convince me that she was in love with someone she met me 15 minutes when she was in high school. But then you did, and helpfully embellished it with the fact that he threatened her with rape at their first meeting, and has been mind raping her now (in the present) for months in her dreams. Is this supposed to be romantic? Because it really is not, and in fact it creeped me out.

Maybe I'm just not into the whole bad boy thing. At any rate, the spoilered bit above is why I cannot recommend this book at all.

Maybe someone could recommend me an urban fantasy type novel that isn't a romance? This one veers far into chick-lit land, a place that I try to avoid.