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Amber House

Amber House - Kelly  Moore, Larkin Reed, Tucker Reed Nope. I read the first third, and my notes were full of things like "Oh look, a teenage boy with a scar, must be a love interest" and "Please tell me the mother isn't going to be portrayed this much like a witch through the whole book," and "a boy with autism? Bet he'll be somehow magical and wise beyond his years." I didn't finish it, so I'm not giving it a rating. If you've read any recent YA novels you'll recognize all the main characters.

It really bothers me when it seems like the main character worries about how she looks to boys all the time. Like, it was her grandmother's funeral and she's all "Thanks, Mom, for letting me be all travel wrinkled... why didn't you tell me about the hot teenage groundskeeper!" I was a teenage girl once, and I really don't remember it being like that. Yes, there is a love triangle. So tired of that. Not recommended. If you want gothic, do yourself a favor and read Mary Stewart instead... it's pulpy, but at least it's interesting.