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Arabella - Georgette Heyer I went on a little Georgette Heyer reading binge this week. She wrote so many novels that I still haven't read them all! Arabella, while not matching my favorites, was an excellent read.

Arabella has been sent to London for a season by her mother. She is staying with her Godmother, and she knows she must contract a good marriage, so that she might bring her younger sisters out later. By a series of deceptions, all the Ton believes her to be an heiress, so she despairs of marrying. Fortunately, there is Mr. Beaumaris, who is a quite typical Heyer hero. Although cranky at first, he does bend under the love of Arabella (who is, quite naturally, not such a normal lady).

This does follow the Heyer formula, but it's short and fun to read. I liked the characters, and wanted to see them together. Not my absolute favorite, but well worth the read!