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Jar City: A Thriller

Jar City - Arnaldur Indriðason, Bernard Scudder I'm not precisely certain that I like Arnaldur Indriðason's Icelandic mysteries, but I certainly can't stop reading them! I enjoy the Icelandic setting, which feels very different from what I'm used to in the US (or in the British mysteries that I love.) Like many European novelists, Indriðason seems more concerned with setting backstory for each of his characters than solving the mystery, It feels very similar to PD James (who I adore, though her latest novels haven't been quite up to snuff) in the way it deals with a dysfunctional detective and his team. I loved the detective's relationship with his daughter. The mystery itself was easy to solve, but that isn't bad exactly - I just wish there had been a little more rising action, as the book felt rather sleepy on the whole.

I read "Silence in the Grave" after this book, which is from the same series. I did not like it nearly as much - the story ended abruptly, and it was never really hidden who had committed the crime. It also lacked interaction between the detective and his daughter. Even so, I'm planning to read more - they are easier to get through than a Jo Nesbo or Stieg Laarson, but they have the same dark feel. I recommend the series.