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Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog! (Penguin Popular Classics)

Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K. Jerome I read the Connie Willis novel To Say Nothing of the Dog. The novel references "Three men in a Boat" extensively, and I was (to say the least) confused. I've heard great things about the book, and it was free for my Kindle, so I gave it a try!

This book suffers a bit from a split personality - it vacillates between hilarious descriptions and scenes and the most ridiculously flowery travel passages you can imagine. I'll be honest, at a certain point I started skipping them (see the last paragraph for my suggestion!) It is striking how modern the humor in this book feels. It's not a great travel book, but if you've ever been on an ill fated trip with friends you will be able to relate to the tale!

I have both read this book and listened to the (abridged) version read by Hugh Laurie. I highly recommend the audio version - not only is Laurie delightful, it manages to get rid of much of the silly purple prose in the travel sections.