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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden)

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa Halfway through this book I was planning to award it 4 stars, but poor pacing and characterization in the second half lowered the rating.

The good: Allison (the heroine) was an excellent character - tough and self reliant, she didn't spend the novel waiting to be rescued. I enjoyed her time with her sire, Kanin, and the first part (with her living in New Covington). The setting was interesting, and the apocalyptic history, if not terribly original, was compelling.

The bad: The second half seemed to drag. Once Allison joined up with a group of humans looking for Eden (a mythic human city)the pacing slowed to a crawl. I thought the idea of a leader (cult leader?) leading humans on a search had potential, but it seemed as though the author couldn't decide whether Jeb was admirable or crazy. I was not impressed with the love interest - he was inoffensive but I really had a hard time understanding his attraction to Allison. The settings themselves were not terribly well described - I had a hard time picturing the cities, even Chicago (and why was it under water? That was unclear.)

The resolution was a let down, though I know there will be another novel. I don't think I will be reading it - I find myself disinterested in the story.

One final point: do they no longer know how to get food? Because throughout the story they continuously come upon 60 year old canned goods and eat them, and I don't know how they aren't all dying of food poisoning. Gross. Not really highly recommended, but if you're in the mood for vampires you could do worse!