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The Replacement

The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff The Replacement tells the story of Mackie Doyle. Mackie is a replacement, or a changeling if you'd rather. He was left behind to replace a human child when he was very young. He's allergic to iron and steel (school blood drives, you can imagine, are a trial for him.) He's hidden his condition from the rest of his town, but now he seems to be growing weaker. At the same time, a new child is missing, having been replaced with a doppelganger the way that he was. In The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff leads us through Mackie's journey of self-discovery - where did he come from? What are the secrets that his quiet little town holds?

Yovanoff is one of my favorite YA authors. This is her first novel, a fact which is pretty impressive to me. I've read her books in reverse order, starting with her newest [b:Paper Valentine|12109772|Paper Valentine|Brenna Yovanoff|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1350335466s/12109772.jpg|17393387]and finishing with this, her first. While it's clear to me that she's become a better writer over time, in her first book she already shows a command of language and metaphor that surpasses many popular YA authors.

I did find the characters a little blank (even Mackie, who narrates, is a bit of a puzzle) but the mythology was so fun that I didn't care. I'm not sure that Yovanoff ever really spells out what Mackie is, which is fine because Mackie himself seems to not care for a label. I did not come into this book knowing lots of fairy or changeling lore, so when I see reviews mentioning fairies I get confused - I'm not sure Yovanoff ever directly calls them that, and indeed they are very different from the fairies in most stories.

Recommended for anyone looking for a supernatural story that's a little different - the focus isn't romance (though there is a little) but rather Mackie and his journey.